Suburban Medical Centre maternity wing has eight beds and is manned by well experienced and dedicated mid-wife nurses operating a twenty four hour shift. Our maternity rooms are fully equipped comfortable rooms in the upper first floor where there is less noise

 and Dstv suite in every ward.



  1. 1 x Pair slippers
  2. 2 x Panties or more
  3. 2 x Nightdresses (Optional)
  4. 1 x Morning gown
  5. 500g Cotton Wool
  6. x Packet Maternity Pad
  7. Toiletries
  8. 1 x Set of clothes


  1. 2 x Jackets and trouser set (Baby set)
  2. 5 x Disposable nappies (Pampers)
  3. 2 x Baby vests, hats, socks and boots
  4. 2 x wrappers
  5. Baby blanket
  6. Methylated spirit 200ml, baby soap/aqueous cream, Vaseline
  7. Face towel