Open 8:00am – 7:00pm Monday to Saturday for all routine and emergency rest and exercise heart examination. Also available after hours in case of life threatening emergency. 


Suburban Medical Centre has a state-of-art theatre available at the centre housed in a two well equipped rooms that are in operation 24hourrs for general surgery and gynecology cases.

Suburban Medical Centre opens between 8:00 am – 7:00pm everyday of the year even on public holidays for pharmaceutical needs and a touch of cosmetics. A drug facility is available to members on selected Medical Funds.

Suburban Medical Centre maternity wing has eight beds and is manned by well experienced and dedicated mid-wife nurses operating a twenty four hour shift. Our maternity rooms are fully equipped comfortable rooms in the upper first floor where there is less noise

Dental Chair

Suburban Medical Centre dental room opens between 8:00am – 5:00pm from Monday to Friday. All the stated procedures such as routine check-ups, cleaning and extraction services are available every day.  A dentist is available on call outside working hours and for other specialist services


The Centre offers X-ray and Ultra-sound scan. It has extended opening hours between 8 am and 10pm everyday. Service is also available on call outside working hours. Radiology is a branch of medicine that deals with the use of radiation in diagnosis of diseases. Our medical centre has digital printing 3D scan and highly qualified employees who operate the procedures with the support of doctors.


Our admissions operate 24hours for medical, surgical and pediatric patients. The capacity of our Admissions wing consists of eighteen beds under the Category C of the private hospitals association. The hospital supply access to the beds, equipment and staff and the expertise of a physician is outsourced to a group of willing general physicians. Other practicing casualty officers with reasonable experience and knowledge are allowed to bring patients for admissions. In addition, our admissions caters for your health and able to provide free wifi so that payment of bills can be easily done online and able to communicate with friends and relatives.

Suburban medical centre has a 24 hour emergency department roof ready to attend to your medical needs and general health consultations. Emergency rooms are also known as casualty. Our casualty has a vital sign monitor Ideal and adaptable for all health care environments and clinical workflows, it measures pulse oximetry, blood pressure and temperature.The Mindray Vital Signs Monitor is an advanced, touch screen monitor measuring continuous SpO2, temperature and blood pressure parameters. Doctors are always available in our emergency rooms.